SilenceBreaker Media are a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. This means all of the proceeds we generate go back into our activities for social good – making us a social enterprise.

We not only strive for financial sustainability, but ensure all of our community projects adhere to environmental and social sustainability targets, and maintain a comprehensive set of environmental and social accounts that are subjected to external auditing.

SilenceBreaker Media envision an inclusive community where media is used sustainably to empower people as both participants and audience, vocalising important issues.

We also pride ourselves on our official set of values and principles which are the basis for all we do:

  • Empowerment
    We believe that, as both audience and participants, people can be both entertained and also enabled to express themselves via media not usually available to them. SilenceBreaker Media will obtain and help create the resources and education to enable people to participate in the creation of personalised media projects.
  • Collaboration
    We believe in working with others rather than against them, for the mutual benefit of all. SilenceBreaker Media will work with partners from all sectors for the completion of projects and delivery of aims.
  • Sustainability
    SilenceBreaker Media believe in working with the current culture and building upon it, retaining talent and resources within the community to sustain generations to come. We also believe in a sustainable environment and will make environmentally friendly choices wherever possible, striving to re-use and recycle materials; in social sustainability, encouraging and equipping communities to continue projects long-term; in financial sustainability, putting all our proceeds back into the company.
  • Community engagement
    The lifeblood of SilenceBreaker Media will be community engagement. We will seek to create volunteer opportunities for all people within the organisation. We will also work to assist groups such as NEETs in participating in creating a culture of change.
  • Creativity
    SilenceBreaker Media believe that creativity and the ability to express is a key force in regenerating a community. We will maintain a safe space to create and thrive creatively and provide the tools and education to do so.
  • Justice
    We believe in inclusion, and opposing oppression. SilenceBreaker Media strive to include all people in equal capacity whilst meeting individual needs. Within SilenceBreaker Media, we will oppose all forms of oppression, such as sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, disableism, and speciesism.
  • Dissemination of truths
    SilenceBreaker Media believe in education, exploring all angles through critical thinking, while also providing fair and truthful coverage of our own and acting as a watchdog for all media, campaigning on issues such as net neutrality.